Howto initialise char array style string in constructor

Howto initialise char array style string in constructor

I have a class which I'm serialising to send over a unix socket and it has to have a string which I've stored as a char array. Can I initialise it in the constructor differently to how I've done it here?

typedef struct SerialFunctionStatus_t {     SerialFunctionStatus_t()          : serial_rx_count(0), serial_tx_count(0), socket_rx_count(0), socket_tx_count(0)          { port[0] = '\0'; }     uint32_t serial_rx_count;     uint32_t serial_tx_count;     uint32_t socket_rx_count;     uint32_t socket_tx_count;     char port[20]; } SerialFunctionStatus_t; 

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Put port() in the initializer list.

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This causes port to be 'value initialized' (12.6.2), which for arrays of builtins means zero initialized (8.5)..
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