Create an Eventhandler via class

Create an Eventhandler via class

I have an application with lots of ListBox controls. I was wondering if it would be possible to add the eventhandler for the onselectedindexchanged in the constructor of the Listbox? All listboxes will use the same method for this.

I know I can add them manually but I was hoping for a solution that would change all the ones I currently have to use the same eventhandler and when I add a new one to not have to tie to the method.

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You could simply iterate over the controls? For example (in your Form's / Control's ctor, after initiaize):.
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CascadeListBoxEvent(this, MyHandlerMethod) 
using the utility method:.
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static void CascadeListBoxEvent(Control parent, EventHandler handler) {     Queue<Control> queue = new Queue<Control>();     queue.Enqueue(parent);     while (queue.Count > 0)     {         Control c = queue.Dequeue();         ListBox lb = c as ListBox;         if (lb != null)         {             lb.SelectedIndexChanged += handler;         }         foreach (Control child in c.Controls)         {             queue.Enqueue(child);         }     } } 

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