Is there an issue to use int for class property?

Is there an issue to use int for class property?

When I started with Cocoa, I remember that I read somewhere that int/float and similar should not be used for class properties and to use NS* equivalents (like NSInteger).

Is there a real hidden issue here why would that be better or it was just a voluntary coding rule by a person where I read that (and I can't for the life of me find where was that)?

So, what is better:

@interface xx...      int myProp; @end 


@interface xx...      NSInteger *myProp; @end 

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The int version is fine, but NSInteger is preferred.

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NSInteger isn't an object and doesn't have to be referenced with a pointer — it's just a typedef that will allow the variable to be the native word size on both 32-bit and 64-bit computers.

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So the best option would be:.
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@interface SomeClass : NSObject {     NSInteger aNumber; @end  @implementation SomeClass - (id)init {     [super init];     number = 42; } @end 

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See this question.

NSInteger is architecture safe and is recommended from 10.5 onwards..

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