How to form “fuzzy date” in Ruby?

How to form “fuzzy date” in Ruby?

How do I form "fuzzy" date/time from RFC 2822 formatted (Sat, 18 Jul 2009 10:57:43 +0300) timestamp?

With fuzzy date I mean like: "5 minutes ago", "2 days, 15 minutes ago".

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Rails gives your views a helper function called time_ago_in_words that you can call to output just such a format from a Time object..
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Using DateTime.TryParseExact to verify XML Schema dateTime compliance
def fuzzy_date(date)   date = Date.parse(date, true) unless /Date.*/ =~ date.class.to_s   days = (date -   return 'today'     if days >= 0 and days < 1   return 'tomorrow'  if days >= 1 and days < 2   return 'yesterday' if days >= -1 and days < 0   return "in #{days} days"      if days.abs < 60 and days > 0   return "#{days.abs} days ago" if days.abs < 60 and days < 0   return date.strftime('%A, %B %e') if days.abs < 182   return date.strftime('%A, %B %e, %Y') end 

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There's some really powerful date/time parsers in ruby (unfortunately kind of hard to google(TM) for).

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