Structuring Memory Viewer Contol in WPF

Structuring Memory Viewer Contol in WPF

What is the best way to design a memory viewer control (a la Visual Studio's Memory Window)?

The control will be mapped onto a byte array and a value representing the starting address (optionally, the control could be mapped onto an object that interfaces to "memory" directly with read/write methods and events for memory changed).

The display should be something like:

start..end addr: 42 79 74 65 | B y t e addr: 57 6f 72 64 | W o r d 

alt text

I'm trying to puzzle out the best way get a sane visual hierarchy such that when you stretch the containing window, it will auto-adjust the contents and you can select the text in either the hex or the ASCII areas and the selection would be reflected in both.

Bonus points if I can make recently changed values a different color.

Am I looking at a stack panel and two rich text boxes where the changing width of the hex box drives the contents of the other two?

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