expression trees linq get value of a parameter?

expression trees linq get value of a parameter?

AddOptional<tblObject>(x =>x.Title, objectToSend.SupplementaryData);  private static void AddOptional<TType>(Expression<Func<TType,string>> expr, Dictionary<string, string> dictionary) {     string propertyName;     string propertyValue;      Expression expression = (Expression)expr;     while (expression.NodeType == ExpressionType.Lambda)     {         expression = ((LambdaExpression)expression).Body;     } } 

In Above code i would like to get actual value of property title, not ony propert name , is it possible ?

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private static void Main(string[] args) {     CompileAndGetValue<tblObject>(x => x.Title, new tblObject() { Title =  "test" }); }  private static void CompileAndGetValue<TType>(     Expression<Func<TType, string>> expr,     TType obj) {     // you can still get name here      Func<TType, string> func = expr.Compile();     string propretyValue = func(obj);     Console.WriteLine(propretyValue); } 
However, you must be aware that this can be quite slow.

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    private static void Main(string[] args)     {         var yourObject = new tblObject {Title = "test"};         CompileAndGetValue(() => yourObject.Title);     }       private static void CompileAndGetValue(         Expression<Func<string>> expr)     {         // you can still get name here          var func = expr.Compile();         string propretyValue = func();         Console.WriteLine(propretyValue);     } 

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