Which GUI element does iCal use for calendar view?

Which GUI element does iCal use for calendar view?

I’m writing a simple iCal-like app in Cocoa that I’d like to resemble the main view of iCal.

Does anyone know which GUI element (i.e. NSWhatever) was used to create the Month-view (this thing: http://skitch.com/edwardog/b38ba/ical)?


PS – A hint at figuring this sort of thing out for myself would also be well appreciated; I’ve got a feeling that the answer lies somewhere in .nib, but after poking around I didn’t have much luck.

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Looks like it's all custom views I'm afraid..
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The main calendar view must be a custom subclass of NSView, with custom drawing in the overridden drawRect: method..
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If you really feel like poking around in running applications, check out F-Script Anywhere..


I'm not claiming that iCal uses it, but you might try NSDatePicker, which supports a calendar style..

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